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I was trained privately by veteran union script supervisor Michael Coulombe and I've worked on shows ranging in scale from thesis films for the American Film Institute to Bud Light commercials to union feature films, to episodics for Warner Brothersgo90 and YouTube Red, to cutting-edge virtual reality. I've worked beside Oscar-nominated directors and many first-time helmers.


I work pencil & paper, delivering high-resolution scans.  I also keep a laptop and Wacom tablet on hand. 

What separates me from other script supervisors is my intimate knowledge of framing, movement and story craft which I acquired and continue to develop in my parallel careers as a storyboard artist and writer. Additionally, my experience as an actor allows me to communicate effectively with directors and actors alike.  I do not simply scribble notes.

I endeavour to be the best visual narrative supervisor that money can hire.

I used to get anxiety over worrying about what

possible question or concern could come up that I wasn't prepared for- and I relaxed that anxiety by KNOWING EVERYTHING.  I am very good at asking questions for clarity, for predicting things that may be overlooked and at taking an active, preventative approach to continuity supervising that will save your production time and money and help ensure a higher-quality, more marketable product.

I take immense personal pride in seeing the films I work on turn out well, the actors' and directors' careers advance, the production companies grow and the crews do their best work under competent leadership despite any difficulty.

I consider the role of a script supervisor to be one of honor, authority and trust.  I am there to be as supportive to the director and producers as I can be, a watchful eye and ear for all, a filter of follies, an inspector of puzzle pieces, a deep pool of knowledge for any crew member to access and, importantly, to lead and follow with competence, level-headedness and confidence worthy of authority.  

Trust that when I want to say something, it's worth listening to and when I'm quiet, everything is as it should be.  


I think script supervising is one of the
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