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I utilize my art schooling and my experience as a professional script supervisor to generate high-quality, production-minded storyboards that will save you a tremendous amount of time and money during the production process.  Not only is my artwork clean, quick and appealing- it



NEW! 2020 Storyboard
Sample Deck

iis also incredibly exact and reflective of the realities of production, not to mention accurate when it comes to eyelines and screen direction.  The pretty pictures really can and will equate to actual film. 

I work on a SURFACE PRO (2017) i7,

meaning I can work very quickly, very

beautifully and from virtually anywhere.

For in-person boarding sessions, I bring

a large client monitor to view comfortably

as I draw. 

For F

I have storyboarded for national crime dramas, music videos, feature films and

commercials for major international


I am unique in my ability to both storyboard a film, then work on set as the script supervisor!

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