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1. Join the Discord Here.

2. Go to #session-sign-up under the "Raptor    Roleplay" Category on the left hand side.

3. Reply to the Session you would like to sign-up for and state your character's name, race, class and level and whether you used Standard Array or Point Buy to make them (rolling is not allowed).

4. Discord Message or email Zack with your name, 

email and phone number so that he can contact you if necessary.

5. You're signed-up!

Please arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the start time. Missing a session without notice will cause a character death and possibly suspension.

Questions? Email Zack at:


Don't Have Discord?

No problem, you can still play this session, but

in order to continue to participate, we'd like you

to install Discord (free) so that you can contribute

to our community.  Just Email Zack for now.


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