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BETWEEN US plays Tribeca!

The second feature film that I script-supervised which is playing at Tribeca 2016 is BETWEEN US!

Directed by Rafael Illingworth and produced by Madeline Samit with Caviar Content,

Thirlby and Feldman play a couple confronted by the fear that settling down and getting married means their carefree days as city-dwelling young adults coming to an abrupt and depressing end. Both are tempted by the allure of another life before ultimately realizing why they fell in love in the first place.

I first saw Feldman on MAD MEN and thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy, so it was nice to meet him. And OLIVIA, my god, OLIVIA. She is such an absolute DELIGHT to work with. She's so kind to everyone and so professional. It took a couple of days before I realized that she was the female lead in DREDD! Very cool. She was so badass in that movie. This is a totally different character but I did notice some innate character traits and nuances she has that make her infinitely watchable.

Rafael, the director, had been on the auteur track, having written, directed and starred in one feature previously (MACHO). The tone and style of his filmmaking became more evident in this modern depiction of love and fear in the face of the nihilistic abyss that some call marriage.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this and to find out what Rafael is up to next.

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