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Word is out! THE BOONIES will begin dropping to go90 starting the 31st of THIS MONTH!

The Deadline announcement can be found here:

THE BOONIES is an original series written and directed by BRAD GOTTFRED, who also penned several books including The Nerdy and the Dirty.

go90, if you didn't know, is a direct-to-your-phone streaming service that is free to Verizon customers. They order and distribute their own ORIGINAL shows to their customers via their phones and tablets. Verizon customers can watch it FREE and FREE of data charges! That's right, go ahead and marathon from the bus or the waiting room. Free shows anywhere, anytime.

And while they're free, I gotta say, they're QUALITY. This is the first of several shows that I helped make for go90 along with KIDS AT PLAY and at least one other series from another production company. go90 has made it clear that they came to play.

I want to say so much about this series, but 'Mum' is the word until the 31st!

The trailer will be dropping next week.


Additional Links:


- Rated Red @realratedred:

- Kids at Play @TheKidsatPlay



- Kids at Play: @thekidsatplay

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