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FEED: Released on DVD and VOD!

FEED, my second feature with INDY ENTERTAINMENT (MURDER IN MEXICO being the first), has been released on DVD and VOD! It was also my first union feature film. Great way to kick off!

It dropped on the 18th, but I've been too busy working this week to post. I'm going to watch it this weekend with one of my closest friends who is a HUGE Troian Bellisario fan.

If you didn't know, Troian is the writer and star of the movie, as well as co-producer. She comes from PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fame and I can honestly say her writing and acting ability stand on their own, PLL fame or not. Not only do they stand on their own, they really stand out- truly exceptional- just like her character in the film- impossibly perfect.

A couple other fun things about this film are that it co-stars Tom Felton of HARRY POTTER fame - he played Draco Malfoy! It's also got a SLEW of completely original music written and produced by MICHAEL SHUMAN, guitarist for QUEENS of the STONE AGE.

After I give the movie a watch, I'll post my thoughts as a viewer!

Even before watching it, I highly recommend this movie- based on everything I saw and all of the talent attached- it's sure to be a stellar film. The website That Moment In has given it a 4 out of 5 star rating, the review can be found here:

You can find the video available to buy digitital or dvd at among other places; link below:

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