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"HYPERLINKED" Free to stream in December!

Promotional Release: FREE TO WATCH!


Kid's episodic focusing on friends, science and tech

starring true-life all-girl kid song and dance group L2M!

Entire season FREE to view on YouTube Red Kids

Starting NOW! Ends Jan. 3rd, 2018

HOW: Via the YouTube Kids App, download here (Google Play Store):

I worked on this show as their script supervisor. It was executive produced by some wicked smart women (The story is based on their own creation of a girl-centric advice website Miss O and Friends!)and the two directors were also some kickass women. If you have a young daughter, I HIGHLY recommend playing this show for them- it encourages girls to get into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Each episode has a specific lesson to teach by way of highly entertaining hi-jinks among the girls. The show is also racially diverse and inclusive. Once you see the girls sing and dance (which they do at the end of each episode), your mind will be BLOWN.

All the YouTube Red Family shows (including Hyperlinked) are FREE in the YouTube Kids app until Jan 3rd! Check it out!

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