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COPY THAT! Interviews Zack Larez (podcast)

Jim Harmon of Angry Pickle Productions has launched a new podcast series, COPY THAT!, that explores various film crew positions . He has just released his interview of myself on the subject of SCRIPT SUPERVISING!


We script supervisors always love the chance to inform others of what it is exactly that we do. It doesn't matter the scale of the show that I'm on, SOMEBODY around me has no idea what I'm doing- or they think they know- but they don't. Then again, I'm sure that applies to many positions to various degrees, so that's why such a show is such a good idea.

I couldn't help myself- I had to mention my storyboarding as well. The two disciplines are so intertwined in how I think and work that it'd be a disservice to myself to omit it from a discussion of my approach.

Happy Cutting,



Angry Pickle Productions is the brainchild of Jim Harmon, a multi-hyphenate director-writer-producer and occasional cinematographer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. His work has been featured on a number of different platforms ranging from the CW, Vevo, VH1, BBC America, Upright Citizens Brigade, Funny or Die, Perez Hilton,, Huffington Post, Spike TV and Health 2.0 TV.

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